Friday, March 20, 2009

Thousands Protest at White House!

Thousands of protesters gathered outside the White House today, picketing the President's recent remark comparing his lame bowling skills to that of Special Olympians. The President made the offensive joke while appearing on the "Tonight Show." Host Jay Leno was joking that the President's bowling scores were not "that good," when the President responded, "It was like the Special Olympics or something."

Though Tim Shriver, chairman of the Special Olympics, has reported that the President called and apologized personally, thousands are demanding a more public apology. One protester declared, "Until President Obama has addressed each of these individuals in the same public forum in which he made that tasteless joke, his apology has no weight with us!" NBC, CBS, and ABC are all covering the protests, interrupting regularly scheduled programming to bring us reports from the chanting mob. The public protests and media attention have not been this intense since Tropic Thunder...

No, wait. Wait. Oh, my bad. I forgot. This is President Obama! There are no protesters or media camped outside the White House, or endless angry headlines demanding more apologies. Silly me! I must have been having flashbacks to possible scenarios if it had been President Bush who'd made a joke at the expense of millions of Americans with special needs. With President Obama, however, the media barely notices such prejudice. (What, Al Sharpton doesn't have any relatives with special needs, I'm guessing?) Dan Quail can't spell "potato," George W. says words that sound funny, but Obama humiliates an entire demographic? Oh, pish tosh! That's not news!

In fact, our honorable media is complaining that the loudest outcry against Obama's blunder is coming from "conservative bloggers." Hmm. Could that be because the "liberal bloggers," (a.k.a., the mainstream media) have chosen to focus their attention on, well, anything and everything except Obama's "gaffe"? In fact, they've even gone so far as to post articles quickly comparing Obama's joke to "gaffes of former pesidents," like in this gem. Wow, that's some pretty clever strategery, Media. Look at the power you have! You've brushed aside the offensive joke with all the penache of a gifted PR wiz, and so (you believe) most Americans will, too.

Except, of course, the Special Olympians.
And the independent thinkers. We're onto you.

Looks like you've earned yourself a five-minute TIME OUT in the Naughty Corner, Media.

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