Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama Cackles at Economy!

Remember the infamous "Bush smirk"? You know, that thing on George W.'s face that an unbiased observer would call a grin? But which was instead twisted in our media as a sure sign of Bush's "inadquacies as a leader" (to quote Bob Cesca's 2007 blog in The Huffington Post)?

Well, I'm more than a little worried, folks. If Bob thought Bush's smirks during questions about the Iraq war were "uncomfortably ridiculous," and if they inspired one Newsweek writer to label them as "smirking arrogance," then - oh me oh my - whatever will Bob and our media say about President Obama's full-out belly laughs when being asked about our economic crisis on "60 Minutes" last night? Guys, guys...seriously, I'm worried. If the media could barely handle a coy up-turn of the lips, how will they handle a full-on guffaw?!

I mean, during the interview, Steve Kroft - looking increasing uncomfortable with his hero's odd laughter - even generously prompted Obama, giving him a verbal kick-in-the shin, saying to the President: "You are laughing about some of these problems. Are people going to look at this and say, 'I mean, he's sitting there just making jokes about money?'"

So...Will the headlines scream: "Obama Cackles at the Economy"? Will the unbiased and impartial Katie Couric lead with a story about "Obama's Tasteless Titter at the Expense of Millions of Americans"? Perhaps The New York Times will announce on the cover of its papers: "Obama Sniggers While the Country Struggles!"

Or... perhaps none of the above. And if that is so, then Media, I'm afraid we're going to have to call a TIME OUT on that shizz. Fair is fair. In this classroom, Media, if the kid who smirks inappropriately gets a detention, then the kid who full-on laughs inappropriately must get at least equal sanctions. Otherwise, that's just out-and-out favoritism, Media. And no one likes a teacher's pet.

I'm afraid it looks like this is going to earn you at least a ten-minute TIME OUT, Media. Five minutes for showing blatant favoritism to the kid with the cackle, and five minutes for picking on the kid with the cute grin and dimples.

We've got our eye on you, Media...

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