Saturday, March 28, 2009

America Turns to Fox News!

For the first time ever - EVER - CNN is about to finish in third place for prime-time weeknight news. Who is in first place? Fox News Channel. And behind them, in second place, MSNBC. Fox News Channel is the number one station for prime-time news. Fox News.

The mainstream media loves to dismiss Fox News for being biased, with a conservative lean. Try to quote a Fox News story, and followers of the mainstream media will snigger and roll their eyes, whispering, "Oh, you heard that on Fox News did you?" Tee hee. The bigger joke, however, is that these followers don't spontaneously combust from the hypocrisy of their accusation. I mean, there seriously can't still be people out there who actually believe the mainstream media is unbiased, can there? Let's pause here to let the laughter die down...

The resounding answer is "NO." America does recognize the mainstream media's increasingly slanted reporting, and is answering back in the most profound of democratic ways. By popular vote. The result: CNN is in third place, and Fox News has experienced a 30% jump in its ratings. Because the only way to balance out the barrage of liberal-biased reporting is to hear the other side.

Media, you need to take a five minute TIME OUT and consider the repercussions of your actions. America has lost faith in your news, Media.

And that is a dangerous thing...

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