Thursday, April 9, 2009

Media Puts Sarah Palin in the Same Category as Lindsay Lohan

EMINEM: Yo, why isn't the media calling for boycotts of my new CD, like we planned? Dawg, where's the controversy we talked about?!
AGENT: Marshall, I told you we should have gone with the Hillary idea...
EMINEM: Man, @#!$ it, you're right.

In his new video, "We Made You," Eminem does what Eminem does: he mocks, and satirizes, and raps about gettin' busy with Governor Sarah Palin. Wait, what?

Those familiar with Eminem will not be surprised by the content of this latest release. Eminem is Eminem. But what is surprising is the media's efforts to excuse and downplay the potentially offensive content by pointing out - in headlines and articles - that Eminem pokes fun at several celebrities and popstars, thereby grouping Governor Palin with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson. So, the media equation is: Kim Kardashian (of sex-tape scandals and reality-TV fame) and Governor Palin (governor of Alaska and 2008 Vice-President nominee) are... equals. Subtle, Media. But we're onto you.

And therein lies the problem. Hint: it's not Eminem. It's our media's biased and steadfast attempt to undermine Governor Palin as nothing more than "pop fluff." Artists adore controversy - controversy sells. But our media will barely give Eminem even that. Other than reporting Bill O'Reilly's anger, the media has been noticeably subdued. Where are the headlines from our press, decrying the video for degrading a public official? Where are the protests by leading women in Hollywood, for debasing a female leader? Will Katie Couric feature a "page in her notebook" to discuss this troubling public attack on a political figure? Is Oprah hosting a special? [Crickets.]

Hmmm...One can't help but wonder how the media might have reacted if Eminem were propositioning a scantily-clad Michelle Obama in that video.

Media, I'm giving you a ten-minute TIME OUT to think about things like "double standards" and "transparent bias." We don't expect more from Eminem, but we should be able to expect more from you...

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